A Day Downtown...

We spent our Memorial Day running around downtown that ended up turning into our own little bar crawl. (opps?!) 

I've been wanting to go to saint alban for awhile now so we made that our first stop. I think it's safe to say this was the cutest coffee shop I have ever walked into. I loved every detail about it.

I wonder if I could get a couple to do a photo session there. Any takers?!

Already looking forward to going back for my next cup of dirty chai.

We continued the day at the Gin Joint, walking Rainbow Row, Closed for Business, AW Shucks, The Blind Tiger, and ended our night with dinner at Leon's (which is next to saint alban, so we came full circle haha)

Something I've learned with moving to Charleston is that no matter how many times you walk Rainbow Row or around downtown, it never gets old & it's just as beautiful as the first time you experienced it.

PS. I'm so thankful that my man tolerates having a camera around him all the time ;)