Leshin Rehearsal

My 4th of July this year was spent with my camera in hand photographing my friends and their families. Personally, I can't think of a better way to spend it! 

Their wedding was the 5th and I was asked to photograph their rehearsal the night before. With the groom being from Texas and the bride being from NJ; I wasn't aware that traditions could be so different (in the best way possible). In Texas, the rehearsal dinner is the big event where the bridal party (and whoever else dares) make roasting speeches about the bride and groom.

I can't put into words how entertaining that night was!  Who knew that a wedding rehearsal dinner could be so much fun!  

PS- their wedding the following night was beautiful. They had our engagement session photographs throughout the venue.  (I of course had to snag a photo with one of my favorites!)