Remember When it Snowed in Charleston?

Do you remember in January when Charleston’s “Blizzard of 2018” happened?! Last year Tim & I stayed at our home in Charleston for Christmas (a decision not made lightly!). Of course we missed our families, but it was also nice to spend the holiday as newlyweds and cozy up in our new home together with absoutely nothing else to do except be together. Christmas & NYE came and went. A few days into 2018 I started to see that the weather channel was calling for snow in the Low Country. I remember thinking, “HA! No. Way.”

Well - mother nature showed me! We got 5 inches at our house that actually stayed for longer than 24 hours! All of the bridges, offices, and schools closed….The city basically shut down.

I setup my tripod in the garage and took a few photos of Tim & I during the heavy snowfall (which turned out to be one of my most engaged instagram posts for the year! haha). I called my neighbor Jaime, Charleston Blonde, and asked her if she and her family wanted to get some photos outside on our community dock while it was still snowing- thankfully she loves photos as much as I do so she was all for it! Tim was actually holding a jacket overtop of my head to block the snow because it was falling so hard that my camera was getting soaked (not ideal but it’s all good! haha)

As soon as the bridges opened back up I decided to drive downtown. I was told that it hadn’t snowed in Charleston like this in over 8 years (not sure if that’s factual but, hey, that sounds about right)

As I walked down Broad Street I remember thinking that I wish I brought my own dang salt or had spikes on my boots. The ice was SO thick, I slid as I parked my car and I slid as I walked…. but man, was it pretty. Growing-up up north we had so many white Christmases. I remember bringing the yard stick out front to measure how many feet of snow we got. I haven’t spent time in the snow in years, so to have it happen unexpectedly was so refreshing for me! Not to mention, after 2 weeks (give or take) there was no trace of snow or ice, so it was just the right amount of time for me to get my snow-on.

But now that we’re coming up on almost a year to date…. I don’t know about y’all, but I sure am hoping for another small taste of a Low Country winter wonderland so our pup Finn can experience it! Seriously though, she would make the cutest snow-angel.

xox KDS