A Very Nice(ly) Downtown Charleston Proposal | Audrey & Ross

The weekend before I was getting ready to head out of town my phone rang. It was Ross Nicely (hence the post title). He and his girlfriend were coming to Charleston for many reasons! Ross just accepted a new job to relocate here so they were in search of a new home, Audrey had just graduated from M.Ed program at Vanderbilt, and last but not least Ross was going to propose and wanted to capture the moment! Thankfully he was getting in the day before I was heading out of town so I sent him images of the battery and drew stick figures to explain where to stand and how to stand as he did it. (I was laughing as I drew them hoping it would all make sense haha).
The sun was in full forced. As they approached I photographed them. When Ross popped down on one knee, Audrey's reaction was priceless- to say the least she was absoutely shocked! I came up and congratulated them and then took them on a little loop for their engagement session! These two are the real deal! I remember Audrey crossing through Rainbow Row and as strangers congratulated them, her response was “Y’all I can’t believe this! It JUST HAPPENED!”
I was so happy to capture their big moment. Check out some of the favorite images below!

xox KDS

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I’ve separated them into “Real Proposal” & “Engagement Session” and had Ross popped down on one knee one more time in the shade! :)

The Real Proposal

© 2019 Kailee DiMeglio Shields

The Engagement Session

© 2019 Kailee DiMeglio Shields
© 2019 Kailee DiMeglio Shields

Photography: Kailee DiMeglio Photography
Film Lab: The Find Lab
Featured on: How They Asked