Our Second Wedding Anniversary | California

Two years down already? I can’t believe that two years has already gone by since Tim & I said “I Do”!

If you’ve been following along you already know but for those of you that are new here… Tim & I love traveling together. Getting to experience a new place, culture, and scenery together is refreshing. When we got married we promised each other that we would travel to somewhere new every year (either on our actual wedding anniversary or close too it!) We have two lists of “Travel-to-Go” places; one for U.S. states & cities and another for international destinations. Our first wedding anniversary we went to Hawaii & came home to getting our puppy Finn! This year, for our second wedding anniversary, we went to northern California!

Two Year Anniversary    Ivory Blush Photography

Two Year Anniversary Ivory Blush Photography

3 Days in San Fransisco, 2 Days in Monterey, 2 Days in Yosemite….Now that we’re home, we admit we really jam packed this trip and should have lingered longer or done less stuff (lol) but it was fantastic! Here’s what we did and where we found all the yummy vegan eats!

3 Days in San Francisco

We woke up at 3:00 AM to leave our Charleston home, landed around 10:00 AM PST, and headed straight to Judahlicious! Thankfully this amazing vegan spot was walking distance from our Airbnb. I had a waffle with açaí  on top and y’all, it was amazing haha. We really weren’t prepared for Karl the Fog and how cold, misting, and windy SF was going to be! Thankfully our host had a heater in the closet that we used every minute we were in there haha! After breakfast we headed to find the Full House house (the real one). We walked through the Golden Gate Park and Alamo Square Park to see the Painted Ladies and continued walking (up and down massive hills that Charleston surely doesn’t have) until we found it! It wasn’t anything really special, it’s a beautiful house, but growing up with the show I just wanted to see it! We nearly drove each other nuts by singing the theme song every few steps. We easily walked over 10 miles and stayed awake for over 19 hours with the help of local coffee shops like Trouble Coffee & Andytown Coffee Roasters. The second day, you guessed it, we did more walking! First stop was to ride a cable car, because did you really go to San Fransisco if you didn’t ride a cable car to Lombard Street? The ride up Hyde & Lombard was so cool - the hill was so steep, I don’t know how people drive on those hills. We just watched Alcatraz get smaller and smaller on our way up! Day 3 we trekked up & down to Lands End which was really cool but man, it was so windy up there! We also saw the Sutro Baths, at least 10 different doodles per day (smoosh would have LOVED it here) and walked over 32 blocks (of hills again) to the 16th Ave Tiled Steps. The Tiled Steps were so neat to see up close- each step is so detailed!


After the steps we went back to the Airbnb to Netflix and warm-up for a bit - we had a photo session with Ivory Blush Photography to get ready for!
Kara was just the absolute sweetest! She took us to Marshall’s Beach because I asked her for a good spot to get the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and man did she deliver! Not only was it 55 degrees with insane wind gusts but the fog was intense too! Thankfully you could at the very least still see the bottom of the bridge so we were still able to get our “San Francisco”photos I wanted! haha It was the perfect way to end our San Francisco stay! Thanks Kara ;-) xo


2 Days in Monterey (cue the Big Little Lies Theme Song)

Y’all I don’t even know where to start for this section! We rented a car and drove from San Fransisco to Monterey. With a pit stop along the way to see an old friend for lunch at Tru Food Kitchen (awesome vegan options!) Once we got to our next Airbnb - we were so excited with how close it was to a waterfront, beachy walkway! Still not bathing suit weather here but man is it pretty - no wonder they shot BLL here! We walked around town watching sea otters sleep and sea lions play in the water. We stood and watched them in awe for a lot longer than we really meant to. They are the cutest animals (aside from our smooshie, she’s always our number one!) I got a vegan ice cream cone at Revival (my mouth is watering just thinking about it).
*side note: since BLL 2 aired Tim & I enjoyed saying “we were there!” “we saw that” “we drove by that!” etc. every 10 seconds during the latest episode so it’s a good thing we didn’t have anyone over to watch it! haha


We ate breakfast at Happy Girl Kitchen, probably one of the best vegan strawberry scones I’ve ever had & a massive lunch at Julia’s which was our favorite meal of our entire trip!
Our second day in Monterey was spent driving the 17 mile drive (I honestly wouldn’t recommend doing this. It’s very residential and basically just an entire golf course. We exited the drive early and stuck to Route 1.) to Big Sur! The most anticipated location of the entire trip (for me at least). I have dreamt of going to Big Sur since I became a huge The O.C. fan and the day was finally happening & let me tell you, this place does NOT disappoint! We both agreed that we need to go back and spend a few days in Big Sur hiking and just taking in the scenery. I almost cried at the sight of it once we pulled over to take it all in. The Bixby Bridge (again, in BLL) was one of the coolest parts to see on the drive. We couldn’t stay too long because I had an engagement session at Pfeiffer Beach to get to! That session was a dream! —> Read all about that by clicking this link: Big Sur Engagement Session

Pfeiffer Beach was unreal. I don’t even know how else to explain it so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Before we left for our little day road trip we bought a bunch of vegan goodies from Trader Joe’s to eat on the drive - they have such better vegan options in the prepared section then ours does in Charleston! haha We had this amazing Mediterranean sampler that I keep looking for here but haven’t had any luck yet!

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2 Days in Yosemite

We woke up early, grabbed breakfast at Happy Girl Kitchen (again). When we sat down to eat our wedding song came on the cafe’s playlist (cue the big smiles) it was our actual anniversary so I just specifically remember that little detail :).

Once breakfast was done we hit the road to Yosemite! Pit stopped in Hollister, CA to grab some coffee fuel and continued on. 3.5 hours later we stopped at Love Cafe (insert praise hand emoji), we FOUND THE VEGAN FOOD - did you have any doubt in us at this point though? It was so good that we drove the 30 minutes the following day to eat there again LOL. We stayed at Tenaya Lodge which was a short drive to one of the Yosemite entrances. Once we checked in we dropped our bags and headed to see some BIG trees! There were baby deer eating and living life just an arms length away from us - they were so beautiful. The giant sequoia trees were breathtaking to look at. It broke our hearts to see visitors ignoring the national park “keep off” signs in order for them to get a photo touching/standing directly next to the massive trees. On our last day at Yosemite we went and saw El Capitan, about 20 different waterfalls, Mirror Lake and more big trees! It was truly stunning! I didn’t take as many photos as I now wish I did but I was so tired. Fun fact: Sometimes I get motion sickness in cars so I took dramamine that we later realized was drowsy (major bummer that we could have prevented that) BUT, I still did the easy day hikes with Tim. I wish I could have done a more experienced one with him but I’m just not a hiker! However, for our next trip that involves hiking I’ll be sure to invest in some actual hiking gear - shoes specifically haha!

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On our final day, we drove from Yosemite to San Francisco Airport, flew from SF back to Charleston and got home around 1:00 AM, picked up Finn around 7:00 AM and then started to prep for a wedding that following morning! LOL

Year 2 was a blast…. we’ve already gotten a few ideas for our 3rd trip! This one will be an international spot! :)

xox KDS

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