Kailee D. Shields

Kai, Keeks, K-DiMeg

Thank you so much for visiting my website!

My name is Kailee D. Shields! It’s pronounced “Kylie” but I’ll answer to just about anything with a “K” sound nowadays. Pictured up there is my husband, Tim and our new pup Finn! If you find us strolling around downtown Charleston (as we often do) don't hesitate to come up and say "Hi!"

I can never seem to satisfy my traveling itch and tend to ask “where are we going to next?!” before we even get home.

I have been taking photographs my whole life. What started as a hobby has now turned into my career, and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it!

My style of photography is lifestyle driven. I love catching those special in-between moments: the groom seeing his bride for the first time, a proposal as it's happening, a couple finding out the gender of their child, a family's laughter and a surfer's excitement about catching the perfect wave.

I'd love to meet you! Send me a note on the contact page
xox - KDS